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the act of taking an unearthly violent shit. a shit that has a smell that could only possibly be summoned up from the fiery depths of hell.
Me: Walking into my interview they asked me to take a drug test. Instead I srinied my pants.
Kenneth: Damn nigga, that nasty.
by The Dark Shitter February 03, 2014
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Ancient Tamil derogatory term for a weird kind of "care-taker". someone who takes care of other people's girlfriends/wife quite literally. Dresses them up, cleans their shit and doesn't get paid for it. More like a nanny for your gf when shes lonely.
Dude 1: dude you wanna catch that new movie this weekend?
Dude 2: nah dude i gotta take care of Smith's gf.
Dude1: wtf dude you're a total Srini!
by Chooeysooares August 10, 2017
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