The Srange cult is made up of a group of ToMoons dedicated to the orange haired young man, Seoho of Oneus . The first appearance of Srange was when Oneus released Lived(4th mini album) first group concept photo. Sranges was absolutely shocked when they first see orange Seoho. The origin of Srange came from Sanguage, Srange means Orange Hair Seoho in English. The purpose of this cult is to spread Vitamin Seoho and positivity. Once any ToMoons tweet anything related to orange seoho, the sranges will appear with a quote and a picture of Orange Seoho. 🐿️🍊
I've joined the Srange, have you?

The Srange has found me!

Omg, my notifications was flooded by the Sranges!
by miniiyue August 06, 2020
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A person who utilizes alts as a troll tactic online
That guy is such a srangs, he should get off our platform for good.
by The blind seer March 17, 2021
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