1) A pine cone dipped in peanut butter, rolled in Cheerios and hung from a tree or porch to feed squirrels.

2) Sexual act involving breakfast cereal, in which peanut butter is smeared on a vagina, and then it's rolled in Cheerios. For full effect, display spread eagle on front or back porch, or underneath a tree where squirrels are often seen.

(Lesbians should use Fruit Loops instead of Cheerios.)
Environmentally conscious boyfriend: Yeah, we wanted to do our part to help the wildlife, so after we fucked I turned her pussy into a squirrel feeder.
by Hippiechick May 13, 2013
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When a person (male or female) inadvertently sits/falls onto a projectile shaped object (I.e shampoo bottle, tennis ball can, ear of corn), penetrating the sphincter and traumatically inserting the random projectile into the anal canal.
“Hey, why does Jen scream and tremble when she sees ears of corn?”
“Dude, she went full squirrel feeder at the last Husker tailgate.”
by BeeRandi September 4, 2019
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A person that has to feed the squirrels because they cant see.
Brian Davis, to the squirrel feeder.
The squirrles are hungery, Brian Davis, come feed them, you Syuirrel Feeder!
by number#1fan April 25, 2018
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