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1. Asshole: Dude, I totally spushed this chick last night

2. Nutsack: Spush, I spushed up my spushing car...

3. Knob-jockey: Man, You're a spush
by Tyson.C November 23, 2005
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Once a word used in a restaurant as slang for gravey, today it can be used as "lung butter" or phglem. It is the act of coughing up a loogie
Had a coughing fit on the bus today.. I spushed in my hand and had nothing to clean it off with
by alysonchains November 03, 2011
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The act of throwing oneself onto the floor and flopping around like a dying fish. Inspired by the former frontman of Faith No More, Mike Patton, who performed this same act during his live performances with the band.
"I threw my back out last weekend when I was spushing at a night club"
by Magorak August 25, 2008
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