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Can also be defined as a "Spunkasaurus Rex"
If you aren't from Britain, you may be finding yourself asking "What is spunk?"
Spunk is semen
Spunking is the act of ejaculating

Okay, so now that you have the required information, let's begin.
Overall, the poor boy that is labelled as a Spunkasaur in school will be someone who has bragged to his friends about how he hand a wank or a wet dream over a girl at the school. However, this bragging could shortly backfire.
Once one of this boy's friends tells some other people, all hell will break loose.
This poor little boy will be the laughing stock of the entire school: people laughing at him or calling him harsh names such as Spunkasaur.
Eventually, the girl who the Spunkasaur had the wank or wet dream over will find out and this boy will be embarrassed as long as the other kids at his school become more mature and let him off the hook.
Did you hear about Jimmy and his dream over Nancy? What a Spunkasaurus Rex!
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by Damp Socks June 29, 2016
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