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The less obvious word for sperm. The word was derived when cubert was texting quincys girlfriend on his mobile writing that quincy tried to spunk on him i believe his words were "help quincy just spundled on my foot". Using predictive text the word spundled came up instead of spunked. This word is very useful in odd situations,
Teacher: "What are those silly stains by your genitalia area"
You: "Sorry i accidently spundled".
It's probably the most used word in the english dictionary today.

"Yet again quincy turned up to school with spundlings in his hair".
"Bob ate some beetroot and his spundlings turned red when he wambled the next day".
"Yuck his spundlings tasted like cheese".
"Spundle smells funny".
"Spundle makes babies".

by JOSAFOOWIS September 28, 2005
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