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A small plot of land located in Schwenksville, PA which may or may not be covered in "snow" each winter. Boasting a wide variation of terrain features, Spring Mountain is home to the scummiest snowboarders from local Methacton and Perkiomen Valley High Schools. Every Thursday night, the scummiest of scum gather at this poor excuse for a mountain and pretend to have fun.
Sharkey: Yo I heard B-list was filmin some steezy ass lines the other day. Do you think they'll be chillin up at Spring Mountain today for the Rail Jam sponsored by G spot, Pelican, and Suzuki?

Gmoney: Naw seip daddy aint got a season pass. I heard him and Brasher are settin up some jibs in the Methacton parking lot and having their own jam session. I saw their blog post on

Sharkey: Word.
by MikeJaworoski February 01, 2009
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