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A group of foreign students usually of Spanish (Sp), Portuguese (ort) and Italian (talian) descent.
However, it has been revealed in recent years that Germans have been in the group (coining the name Spermtalians)
They are renowned for annoying the students of CTYI in DCU
To the quad, the Sportalians are coming, the Sportalians are coming!
by pplperson777 July 17, 2011
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1. a.) a person of spanish, italian, and portugeese desent.
1. b.) a person who wears an orange backpack, large sunglasses, tight jeans (no matter the gender) pink shirts (if they are a guy) too-tight zip up hoodies (if they are a girl) and smoke no matter the age.
hey look it is the sportalians!
i wonder what the sportalians say about us?
by cece brooks November 20, 2006
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