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The ultimate car. If you see a Sportage (a capital letter must always be used when writing the word 'Sportage') you must ask the person or people with you if they think that the car is a Sportage. They must react by becoming exceptionally excited by the car you are referring to. The term 'Sportage' can also be used when discussing other wonderful cars, such as a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, as they are in the same league as a Sportage, just with a less cool name. The use of the term 'Sportage' should not be used lightly. It is a serious car. It is the best car in the world.
Person 1 (Becka): 'Is that a Sportage?'

Person 2 (David): 'OHHHHH MY GOD WHERE? AHHHHHH I LOVE A SPORTAGE' Proceeds to chase car.
by kiddotricks April 20, 2013
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