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One night of passion between a woman and a man ends with the cry "Pull out!" coming from the woman.. In a hasty withdrawl in the motion of a spoon, the male accidently leaves a few droplets of his retarded DNA.

Out of this accident a Spoondick is born 9 months later.

Definition of a Spoondick or a spooner:
A guy who is seen with a girl who is way out of his league.
A Spoondick can be seen usually carrying her handbag, like a servant or a trained animal, refer to (whipped) and inferiating all other surrounding males with his worthless genetic appearance.

The spoondick will attempt to impressive his woman with uncontrollable generousity, yet he is more than likely destined for heartbreak and taken a ride, on a selfish attempt of the female to attract an alpha male.

Look at that Spoondick! How the hell did that Spoondick get her?!?
What a spooner, he must have money.
by william graham January 24, 2007
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An Insult. A replacement to the term "Dickhead".

Explanation: "Imagine a spoon. Imagine a spoon as my dick. Imagine that I could scoop things out with my spoondick. Now THAT is stupid!"
Hey Spoondick, get to the back!

Go wank somewhere else, spoondick.

Timmy, you spoondick!

by Thebestfrenchie October 27, 2009
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