Someone with parents that pay for everything. Someone who doesn't know the value of money because they have never had to work for it. This person breezes through life without a care in the world because they know mommy and daddy will pick up the tab.
Sally: "Johnny doesn't have a job, How can he afford that new car?"

Jane: "He's Spoon Fed"

Sally: "ahh, of course"
by LeeRoi January 12, 2011
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A spoon fed hoe is a grown ass immature female that was born into the hoe life, often named Edina .

Raised without morals & respect, the spoon fed hoe has no problem cheating on her boyfriend with his friends or trying to steal another girls boyfriend.

The spoon fed hoe has never had to work for anything or take accountability for their actions coz mummy always picks up the pieces & defends her slut antics.
If you didn't raise your daughter to be a spoon fed hoe she may have some respect for herself, her vagina & other people's relationships & you wouldn't have to make yourself look stupid for defending her skank ass.
Who knows, she might even grow up & get a job instead of chasing pipe dreams.
by M I S S R E V E N G E ! August 12, 2018
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Although there are many variations of this technique, this maneuver will involve the three basic componets:
1. A spoon
2. The semen
3. Someone to feed the spoonful of semen to
As a child, she never cared to be spoon-fed her medicine. Now that she's all grown-up, she LOVES to be spoon-fed cum...
by THE TRUE OGER 68 June 6, 2009
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Used to describe someone who has a fuck up that only a dumbass could have.
friend: i dropped my Nintendo into the toilet while taking a humongous shit!

you: your a spoon fed ninja turtle.
by k!mmyh3d-69 October 20, 2021
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