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An ape-like primate with fiery red hair and bi-coastal dwelling tendenies, the Spoldonk seeks out various forms of alcohol, narcotics and hallucinogens for sustenance because of their respective high levels of nutrients. The Splodonk has been observed in various social setting usually frequented by human beings, lurking, drooling and slurring words in sad, failed attempts at cross-specie mating. The Splodonk's lack of moral judgment, self-respect and hygiene generally act as a strong repellent for female human beings and it is often confused with similar creatures such as the assclown anddouchebag.
Dude, did you guys see that Splodonk with a popped collar who fell asleep at the bar last night? What a tool!
by F-ckFace McJohnson February 11, 2010
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