A person who is psycho eg. Catrina from Ballarat
My split personality's name is shara and she went to the beach to have babies with Jack
by Jason. August 20, 2005
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During a text messaging conversation, a person who is completely different compared to the same person you were just talking to face to face.
During text:
Person A: "Wow I super hate her"

Person B: "Why?"

Person A: "She's so annoying, I'm never hanging with her again."

During real interaction:

Person A is seen hanging out with "annoying" person

Person B: (Wow, what a split personality texter)
by SJJS August 10, 2010
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Mary exhibits split menu personality syndrome as she places her drive-thru order, "Umm yes I'd like a Number 3 Value meal, super-sized with a small diet coke...oh yeah and add in an apple turnover"
by Happy Girly of course! February 26, 2010
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When the bottoms of two couples both have split personalities and you proceed to have group sex with them.
Yo Dave, wanna do the personality split with Jade and Louis at the festival?
by Maverickhfx March 21, 2022
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