A slang term which is Synonym to the word swag When u looking swaggy and people are always asking you what You got on that’s the spleh
Lady:What you got on

Man:Don’t worry about it sweetheart that’s the spleh
by DattaKenSlime February 20, 2019
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The German for Spleh is Zplëh.

The French for Spleh is Spléhe.

Spleh should be used whether or not there is anything to say and whether or not you feel it's appropriate. Sometimes confused with "Meh", however despite the similar usage by a similar group of people they aren't quite the same thing; Spleh is used by the better, more elite people. This is a definition.
Boring person: Hello

Elite person: Spleh

Boring person: ?

EP: Spleh!

BP: Meh.

by LacerationGravity February 2, 2008
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Spleh- your ice, jewelry, your personal belongings that are worth more than 1 million dollars

Commonly used by big ballers/flexers.


"Ayo Brandon whachu got on"
"That spleh"
"what is that"
"This that spleh"
by Gracie Maniskankhoe March 14, 2019
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said in frustration or annoyance. can also denote boredom. reference blargh
...hey...hey...guess you're not answering...oh, SPLEH!
by audi April 7, 2004
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