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Spite Monkey Sunday is that day of the week when all the brain dead little losers try to get definitions accepted by Urban Dictionary. They try to get a flattering definition accepted, of themselves if they haven't got any friends, or of some female if they think it will help them get into her knickers. Why? Usually because they’re back at school on Monday and are trying to make themselves look good, the poor little winkies. Then the unthinkable happens, they’re definition is rejected because it doesn’t conform to the rules laid down by Urban Dictionary. Oh Calamity! So the silly little wank biscuits throw a hissy fit, go into a session to vote on the inclusion of new words and reject everything without bothering to read it. Then comes Monday and these sad little gleets go back to school and bother the human race somewhat less than they do at weekends.
“Couldn’t get a thing accepted on Urban Dictionary, it was Spite Monkey Sunday.”
by AKACroatalin April 27, 2015
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