A simplified way to describe a fast-declining mental/emotional state, often leading to short-term bouts of depression or anxiety.
"Hey, how's your day going?"
"Terrible. I've got three exams, two papers, and I can't find my keys. I'm spiraling, man."

"Hey, are you coming to the meeting tonight?"
"Oh, ok, feel better."
by EmbryH October 19, 2012
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A situation or action that is totally stupid, out of control; should not have been done in the first place.
Situation I walked into class when my pants fell down; man that's spiraling.

Action Writing a 10 page response for a one page response question; man you're spiraling.
by Nathaniel Bagnell November 2, 2006
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When brunch turns into an all day drinking bender that ends up lasting until the wee hours of the morning.
“Wow. Today we are really spiraling.”
How do you feel after spiraling yesterday?”
“Only one drink at lunch. We aren’t spiraling today.”
by _freckles_ October 6, 2019
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The sexual act of rotating on the dick in a fluid motion, without interrupting penetration , resembling that of a gymnast. Toes pointed. Abs tight. Perfect finish.
Man: Lets switch it up
Woman: I don't want you to exit me
Man: How about spiraling? That way you will never leave the warmth. k babe?
by SpiralMaster69 January 30, 2015
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Spiralicity is a measure of two factors: how tight the spiral of a thrown football is, and how rapid the rotation rate of the football is. When the tightness (lack of wobble) and the speed of the rotation are considered together, the spiralicity of the pass can be gaged.
Michael Vick's passes never were known for their spiralicity, but ever since he got convicted of that dog fighting hog mount I think his passes are even uglier. In a way it doesn't matter because after that I quit watching him play, DTLOI.
by We know it really is broken September 13, 2013
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A bout of thoughts fixated on a person or state of affairs. Can be positive or negative. Originates from NYC social media influencer slang.
I've been on a huge Donatella Versace spiral lately...
by Hermitcrab93 February 5, 2018
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A spiral is a symbol of growth, development and evolution, because of the way it can be drawn forever.

"The Spiral," or Lateralus, refers to the universe and the way in which it grows. It can be seen in everything from the tiny form of DNA molecules and the paths of subatomic particles, to the cosmic form of galaxies and the paths of planets around stars, including countless cases in between such as the shape of the nautilus shell, sunflowers' faces, fingerprints, hurricanes, the cochlea, crop circles, springs, heating coils, and energy-saving light bulbs.
'History never repeats itself, for arguments and thoughts move not in circles, but in spirals.'
- Paraphrase of Socrates, Greek philosopher, on Dialectics

"And following our will and whim, we may just go where no one's been. We'll ride the Spiral to the end; and may just go where no one's been."
- Excerpt from Lateralus, by Tool

"I feel rain pouring down. I wait to rot away; live again. Here, forever, the Spiral never ends."
- Excerpt from The Spiral, by Godsmack

"Twenty years ago, at a Rainbow Gathering, on my last acid trip, I saw The Spiral. I realized that death is an illusion and that we're all active agents in God's eternal process of creation. Nothing has troubled me since."
- Some 50 year old Christian fanatic I met in jail (See also irony and O rly)
by Novel Zephyr May 23, 2009
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