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A group exercise session in which participants ride stationary bicycles at varying speeds and resistance settings. Popular among middle-aged women, health nuts and racing cyclists
After hitting menopause, Mrs. Baker began attending a spin class in order to maintain her physical fitness and gain an opportunity to socialize with other women her age.
by Comrade Cottontail January 11, 2009
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A new form of exercise designed by skinny fit people to make fat bastards HURT. It normally involves riding a stationary push bike to music
Person A: Dude, I am struggling, I went to spin class for the first time last night and it was painful

Person B: Yeah i did it once and i swear I tore myself a second arsehole i was pedalling so fast
by Gatesy April 22, 2009
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How was spin class?
Rough. I had to write an article praising Obama`s foreign policy successes.
by Dakawn Vick March 31, 2017
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