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A rare noctural specimen native to the Kern County resulting from the genetic mixing of Chinese and German lineage. A Spickenreuther is typically small in size, but compensates for this physical disadvantage by being fearless in the face of social pressure and public criticism.

They are also known to be a highly decorative species, accentuating their appearance with metallic accessories and dark clothing as to ward off any predators, they might attract with their random assortment of pins.

Should one upset a Spickenreuther, one should think twice, or be preparred to be "PWN3D", a natural defense mechanism that is both potent and humiliating for the victim.

Spickenreuthers are surprisingly resourceful, and can go for days, perhaps even weeks, at a time, surviving on minimal sleep and nutrition that would be detrimental for most others (i.e. Pocky, natural sugar, soy, etc.).

Another unique trait of the Spickenreuther species - especially in the males - is the innate ability to comprehend and create complex musical arrangements, with styles ranging from the classical masters to the theme songs of homosexual pornography. While the female Spickenreuthers also possess the potential for musical creativity, they often choose not to express this potential out of fear of being musically "PWN3D" by the males.

The Spickenreuther is a fascinating and resilient creature which surely defies the linguistic limits any definition that might try to understand its true nature.
"Dude don't piss of that Spickenreuther.....he'll pwn your ass....."
by Dehvyn May 29, 2005
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