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When a discussion on the internet has devolved so far beyond the threshold of rational discussion, that it is completely, and utterly impossible to bring it back to normality. Reason and fact have been replaced with irrational anger and fanboyism. The only way to fix such a situation is to purge it;
That is, to remove the thread.
Frank: Hey, have you been to <insert internet forum here> lately?
Johan: No, Frank, I heard that place dropped into Spergatory two years ago.
by TumorousCock February 05, 2011
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The compulsive state of being obsessed with knowing every possible detail about a particular subject (i.e. sperging out). The state is only left when the entrant has learned far more about the subject than can ever possibly be put to practical use. A combination of sperg and purgatory.
I'm deep in spergatory about nutrition right now. I'll let you know when I've finished the internet on it.
by crackedd December 28, 2011
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