JP: I burnt out the clutch on my ride, needs a new one
Lou: No way dude, hope it's not to spenno
by FlySouth March 26, 2013
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Spenno; meaning something is very expensive or more expensive than it should be.
Daaamn man that shits fucking spenno
by Themaaachine December 20, 2018
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A typical geezer that is often seen eyeing up women half his age. Labelled typically as a freak/pimp depending on the situation, he continues to wander back and forth between George and Apple.
Scenario 1 -

Dude I can't believe you pulled Gemma, ur such a Spenno!

Scenario 2 -

What is that freak doing? Oh my god what a Spenno
by Trainee S&P December 19, 2006
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To get absolutely beyond shitfaced when you’re normally the responsible one of the group. Expect everyone present to have their phones out recording
Person 1: I’ve just seen him down shots of water and throw the glasses like they’re vodka.

Person 2: Yeah he’s spennoed mate.
by Baconator98 April 1, 2019
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