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1) Verb. ~ Typically female or in groups, females, with an ability to 'cast' out an invisible net, often referred to as 'the spell' onto person or persons, mostly male, that gives them means to use the male to the spellcasters advantage.

Females are generally very attractive and use this to put out 'spells' on their male counterparts, using them for small favours, etc. The male, eager to impress the female, unaware of the spell, is unable to resist, if there is some sexual fantastical connection directed towards her. This then becomes obvious to the female spellcaster who then takes full advantage of her position.

Even if she has no intention of fulfilling these fantastical hopes, the male is unaware of her position, thus the success of a good spell.

Can often be confused with 'using' or 'manipulation', but isn't all the same as this is less cruel, more harmless and half the time is paired with sexual innuendo.

2) Noun. ~ When a male has just been hit, duped, just fallen for it. He has been 'spellcasted' or 'spellcast'
Female spellcaster - "I can't wait to hit the clubs later on!"
Male - "Neither, we'll get so pissed and go raving. It'll be wicked!"
Female spellcaster - "Yeah, i wanna be pissed aye, dunno though" *she holds up an empty bottle and give the male a sexually fuelled glare*
Female, spellcasting - "Oh well, i guess i'll just be sober"
Male, now under spell - "Oh..Nah, you can have the rest of my drink"
Female, spellcasting - "Noo I can't take ur drink, it'll be fine don’t worry"
Male - "No its fine really, take it!" (seems sincere about it)
Female spellcaster - "But what about you? What are you going to drink?" *moves closer to male under spell and smiles*
Male, heavily under - "It's sweet babe, i'll buy us some drinks when we get to the bars"
Female spellcaster satisfied, spellcasting complete.

Josh to Jamie - "Boy! You just been spellcast"
by NATEbuni X April 07, 2009
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