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the intense study and passionate appreciation for Regina Spektor's lyrical genius and stunning vocal talent
Sarah: "So, I've declared my major in spektography."
Emily: "Spekt--what?"
Sarah: "Spektography, I'm just going to sit around listening to Regina Spektor for the rest of my life because I envy her beautiful voice and wish I was her."
Emily: "Oh, well in that case can I study Stefaniography?"
Sarah: "Absolutely!"
*They skip off into the distance merrily.
by indielectual November 28, 2010
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A term first coined by JohnnyC Posted 27 January 2006 05:25 PM on the brümstix forum through regina spektors website.

Later taken and used as a username for a youtube channel to provide all fans with recordings of her work, enhancing the original idea of "the ever lasting spektography project".

The channel has been opposed on many occasions. Although has had over 3.5millions views to date. I enjoyed making it, and alot of people enjoy visiting it.
you have reginitis

type into your favourite search engine/youtube:

you get her music.
by spektography October 24, 2011
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