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Speed Beer is a relatively new drinking made up by Jeph Jaques for his comic "Questionable Content".
It involves sledding and a hell of a lot of beer.

You Will Need:

-A big snowy hill
-Cookie Pans/ Cafeteria Trays/ Sleds
-A lot of beer (A keg will do nicely)
-A designated person to make sure you don't get hypothermia from passing out in the snow
-Plastic Cups

The rules are fairly simple:

-Take your beer, and sleds (Cookie pans and cafeteria trays are preferred)to the top a snowy hill.
-Fill your cup
-Now sled while holding your cup!
-When you reach the bottom, drink whatever is left in your cup
-Repeat this process in turns

Build a ramp, for hilarity will surely ensue.
Tom: Well Jim, I bought all this beer for the BBQ today, but it's snowing out!

Jim: No worries, Tom! We can always invite everyone to play Speed Beer.
by Waffle S. April 23, 2009
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Any type of energy drink, usually highly caffinated and loaded with other ingredients for quick energy. Brands such as Monster, Rock star, Red Bull, Jolt Cola, Dark dog, Stacker 2 Stinger, Lost and many, MANY others.
I’ve felt like hammered shit all morning, but I forced a speedbeer down the gullet @ 1430 and that should see me through until I head home.
by Muttlee February 16, 2005
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