A special that is on a special
Becky: Wow that was on special 2 days ago for $45 now its $30 why?
Store owner: It's a special-special!
by Akumen May 15, 2015
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1. A person who seems slow or stupid at times without actually being mentally retarded.

2. Something that is considered sub-par or lower-than-average poor quality.
"Have you met my new girlfriend? I think she's kind of special."
"Dude, your new girlfriend is a Special Kind of Special."

"Have you seen how people drive around here? It's a special kind of special!"
by Bricksgirl June 27, 2014
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1. Someone or something so uniquely idiotic or just downright "special" I can only be described as being a Special Speciality

2. A posh insult used between friends.
Did you see what Joe did?! what a Special Speciality

Joey Essex Is such a special speciality you know..
by HouseOfDennett March 3, 2019
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