To go above and beyond the call of duty for the stupid, bringing stupidity to a whole new level! It takes a real special person to make all those around you in awe of how stupid you and your comments or actions are. You are a special kind of stupid.
When Jimbo decided to use a match to look into his gas container to see if it still had gas in it, we realized Jimbo was a special kind of stupid!
by SubSonar May 28, 2022
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someone who have the innate ability to be daft beyond comprehension.

Someone who can be 99% correct however falls at the final hurdle.
"i know some someone how can get you it,'s Legitimately....same thing....your a special kind of stupid"
by Jiggarooo August 13, 2015
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An expression for, well, exactly that.

The expression is most commonly used on memes featuring Sam Elliot as the unnamed cowboy from "The Big Lebowski." However, the line does not appear at any point in the movie. The actual origin of the quote is unknown.
"You drink Coke and eat Twinkies, but you won't get the vaccine because 'you don't know what's in it?' You must be a special kind of stupid."
by Stone Raven September 28, 2021
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