To get mad, go crazy, scream, shout, or hit someone because of anger. To lose it for a quick moment.
This man tried to skip me at the store and i spazed on him.
by Miss LaLa March 9, 2009
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Pronounced like spade but with a 'z' - not like spaz.

When you had an awesome night out ... you think.
But you were to fuck'headed to remember anything the next day. Usualy your friend will fill you in, and you'll laugh. It sounds like you had fun, but you dont actualy remember anything.

Usualy resulting in walking into a randomers gardens, acting like a coffin, and your friend getting some boyracer you've never met sit by you making sure you're still alive. Usually named "STEEEVOOOOO" ... apparently.

When you are spazed - you have a long blank memory of your night out, but you know it was good.
"look at that girl iv'e never met asleep in my flower bed, she must be spazed"
by flow412 August 29, 2009
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A person who is so random with their speech and actions that they are often seen as crazy or insane.
Hey is that Mike in that pink tutu, he can be such a spaze.
by Jezzebel Smith September 17, 2005
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uncontrollable moments when some part of your body is not being cool
She couldn't type her friends name correctly because her fingers were spazing out.
by schmooe February 4, 2010
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A male who loves putting fat penises in his mouth and inhailing the jizm
That guy is doing the SPaZED.
by Choz April 15, 2003
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Someone who throws a temper tantrum over little or nothing.

Mostly done by Social Justice Warriors and the mentally ill.
Darin is SPAZING OUT because someone told him the truth instead of what he wanted to hear .
by Dan D Doty October 9, 2018
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Phrase coined on the Something Awful forums meaning "later" or "peace out" in a somewhat dismissive tone; implying that one will always be watching over you from the far reaches of space, or that they are infinitely higher than you are (physically, metaphorically, and even in reference to marijuana use).
Newpote: yo cuddy! that was some bomb herb!


Bagweed: hell yeah son. gotta ghost tho. this cutie in the jeans eyeballin me like she hungry. c u frum spaze.
by Stephen J. Bagweed October 14, 2008
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