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The full and correct definition for a complete waste of space
Kate is a total SpazCunt
by KatieKitsch March 21, 2018
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SpazCunt - total waste of space, incapable of making an arrangement and sticking to it.
Routinely fails to attend at the correct time - thinks that attendance for 1800hrs - is within the acceptable time frame at 1859hrs
Cannot get their head around technological calendars and/or vintage hang-on-the wall calendars - despite creating an effective and/or efficient manner
SpazCunt - completely devoid any ability to perform even the most simple of tasks
However, if you have a SpazCunt in your social circle, despite all of the above and the symbiotic frustrations, you will no doubt refer to the SpazCunt as 'Our SpazCunt'
Kate is a complete SpazCunt, but she is our SpazCunt
by KatieKitsch March 23, 2018
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