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"You can spark it up and i'ma put you out"
(Start tryin' me)
Lil' Wayne "Fireman"
by LilAntonius September 14, 2008
A saying for someone to SPARK UP the CANNABIS or whatevers being lit.
🔥 I just rolled this joint man.. SPARK IT UP SPARKY !
🔥 Just bought these fireworks..
by Tastik Everything June 29, 2019
to smoke your friend out
Friend: you got da J

you: ya nigga

Friend: spark me up

you: aight
by Chrisjk84 November 8, 2013
To Light up A Cigar filled up with Marijuana
A Biggie there is a Blunt on the counter if you got a lite Spark Em Up
by Bryan K Bradley April 29, 2010