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A Spally is a female usually with a ginger bieber failure haircut. This Spally may also have up to 6 rolls, but uaully has only 3. Spally likes to flirt with the most attravctive person of the opposite sex, even though a Spally is fuck ugly and compleatly retarded. Spally may also be refered to as Spall or Spall-ette or Dickhead.

The name Spally originated from way back in 2007 in the far depths of south London, and from there the name spread outwards. A Spall may also be a female pretanding to be a male to hide sexuality. Usually a Spall will be seen hanging around large-ish towns with a pair of twins and a curly-haired friend. Spally will be racist and against anything but themselfs and attractive people. Spally is usually a compleate dick who should be burned alive, but for some reason is seen as popular.
Spally likes to pretend their clothes are extremely expensive and luxury but in reality its clothes will be from charity shops or M&M Direct. Spally may also Taalk Lyk Diis On Facebook And Comonly Misspell Thingss Coss Spall Iss A Spazzzzzzzz, which will end up leaving spall with very little facebook friends at all. Spally may also have extremely sexy legs or big eyebrows, these are key points of Spally infact.
Person 1: Who is that? they're really pissing me off, can't they see that Kya doesn't like her?
Person 2: Oh, thats Rian, most people call her Spally though cause she's an ugly slut.
by 123445677889 April 12, 2011
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