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spa·ghet·toe's noun \spə-ˈge-toe's\
Spaghettoz is the Ramen noodle based version of regular spaghetti, it is cooked just like ramen but the flavor packet is replaced with 4 to 5 tablespoons of spaghetti sauce instead. The flavor packet can then be used for other dishes.
Spaghettoz is different because,,

1st and foremost, the cost. Spaghettoz, the drained ramen noodles alone is 13 to 25 cents a serving with 15 to 100% more when sauce is added, compared to 94 cents to over 7 dollars for a single serving of regular spaghetti and sauce.

2nd is the time in which Spaghettoz takes to cook, 2 to 3 min. vs 9 to 15 minutes for regular spaghetti.

The 3rd difference is usually but not always, the people who eat Spaghettoz. Spaghettoz consumers are typically mid to low income, budget conscience, innovative and usually physically hard working folks but not always. Many Spaghettoz consumers are college students, artists and people wanting to make a positive change in their lives and the world's.

The 4th difference is the taste. There are as many flavors to Spaghettoz as there are pasta sauce and seasoning makers. Twice there was a blindfolded taste test in the 1990's using the same sauce and seasoning's on both a bowl of regular spaghetti and a bowl of ramen based Spaghettoz. Both times Spaghettoz won 6 to 4 out of 10 judges. This was a non-scientific poll but definitely caused a commotion in the small Seattle food scene.
Spaghettoz was created by disabled hip-hop producer, Sav-G in Seattle, WA early in 1992. It has been told, after searching all throughout his kitchen, all he found was a package of ramen noodles without the flavor packet and a nearly empty can of tomato sauce. Since it was snowing outside and he was in a wheelchair, he was stuck.

He cooked the noodles and added the few tablespoons of tomato sauce to the noodles and realized it was very similar to spaghetti and it was undoubtedly delicious. He then named it Spaghettoz to differentiate it from any other spaghetti based foods. A meal is born!

Sav-G is currently attempting to find investors to help create an affordable packaged one serving version of his vision,,, "Spaghettoz" that with each purchase would send a meal to an impoverished individual in a needy nation or region.

With the lack of true spaghetti available to billions, many financially challenged individuals would most likely physically love and or cherish a bowl of the rapidly growing and socially responsible bowl of "Spaghettoz".

Spaghettoz the company, is a non-profit entity based in Seattle, WA and is attempting to obtain 501-c3 tax exempt status so that they can send meals internationally for free in most cases.
by Sala D'bar March 20, 2012
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