4chan's dirty little demon sibling. Home of everything obscene, awesome, and putrid. Also, fagets.
"I used to be a functioning human, but then I visited /r/spacedicks. ."
by c0mptar2000 January 02, 2012
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A site crafted by god himself. I personally get off to it about 4 times a day, and that's about average. /r/spacedicks is a subreddit of Reddit, and will turn all flaccid penis's into hard erected bull penis in approximately 1.4 seconds.
I use to be a normal functioning member of society, then I visited a little site called /r/spacedicks, now I'm a faget... FAGET!!!
by I fell February 06, 2014
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v. to hack someone's Facebook and post a status stating that the person loves to munch on space dick

n. that object to which many Facebook statuses allude when one leaves his/her Facebook open for hacking
Facebook status: "I love munching on space dick. nom, nom, nom."
by Pilot B.O.B. February 08, 2011
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