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Space Filler - a person who fills the empty space in your life. When someone doesn't want to be alone, but doesn't want a relationship, doesn't know many people in a new city or place, situation or group. Can be same sex or opposite sex. If opposite sex, the Space Filler can sometimes become a sex partner as well. Someone you hang out with, spend time with that you enjoy, but may not have a lot in common with or is someone you wouldn't seek out as friend or partner under normal circumstances. Someone of the opposite sex you ‘use’ to keep you from thinking about the person you really want to be with, but can’t for numerous reasons. A Space Filler eases the pain and loss of not being able to be with the person you want. Men more often than women use Space Fillers after a recent divorce or break up. They are also someone you would never want a real relationship with, hence they are filling the empty space until someone better comes along.
I thought Jacob didn't want to be in a relationship? He doesn't, he is using Emily as a Space Filler. He just hangs out with her because she isn't relationship material, so no strings attached.

Sam's new boyfriend is cute! Oh, that's not her boyfriend, Max is her Space Filler, until she can get Todd to take her back.
by pullsnopunches September 01, 2011
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A space filler is a person there to keep you happy until you find a man/woman in your life that you actually want.
Girl i got so many space fillers i forgot i was still single :)
by EllenajLove July 10, 2013
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A person (typcially a girl) who is only used to pleasure another person (typically a man) in the time of space before he is in another relationship.
Grace and Mike weren't dating. Grace was just Mike's spacefiller until he hooked up with Kayla.
by J. Rhodes May 13, 2008
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