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A United States Citizen who is generally homeless, has no Social Security Number, and doesn't pay taxes. Sovereign citizen is quite literally a synonym to domestic terrorist, and enjoy killing anyone who represents any kind of government authority, especially police officers.
" We have the right to bear arms to shoot our own politicians!"
~ A. Dumbass, sovereign citizen
by Jameth Thorton Roxford May 15, 2011
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A term coined by bureaucrats, law enforcement, corrupt courts to discount claims that destroy there agenda of corruption and extortion. They love to spread this term when its used to constitutionally challenge authority, and government. Despite a very small number of violent people, violence is much more likely used in the current system of authority by law figures.
Officer: I think he is a sovereign citizen, he doesnt think he needs a license to operate a vehicle.
Civilian: Was licensing under american case law used to regulate commerce and trade in its purpose?
Officer: Cracy bastard, taze him
by Freedom4everyone March 30, 2017
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