The most funny girl you will ever meet. She is so caring, loving, crazy, and very outgoing. She has beautiful personality and is never scared to make a point or say something. She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s hard to get but can get a boyfriend when she wants it. Sovana can’t drop it like it’s hot but she can definitely give it a try in a humorous way. Sovana is the funniest most silliest people you will meet.
“Sovana is so funny
by Shhshdhhdhxhsh December 15, 2019
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A cool person that is creative in many ways. They would be one of the best people you'd meet. They deserve to be told "I'm proud of you" every single day.
waow Sovana is amazing :)
by iheartkimtaehyung January 7, 2022
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