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A commuter college in Marietta GA settled between Cobb Parkway, South Marietta Parkway, and South Cobb Drive.
It is an engineering and technical college that was created in 1948 as an alternative for students who didn't want to get academically raped at Georgia Tech, through a hands and applied approach.
SPSU students are more likely to get hired upon graduation, however stealing GA Tech's mascot, and bastardizing it. GA Tech = yellow jackets while SPSU = green hornets.
Like GA Tech, the women at SPSU are few and far between. This is why the acronym for this college also stands for Sausage Party State University.
Also due to this lack of women, SPSU also churns out gays who have given up on women and hook up with their room mates.
Dude, let's go out this weekend. Nah, I think I'm going to stay around Sausage Party State University and work on my bromance with my roomie.
Only at Southern Polytechnic State University.
by spsuanon July 27, 2009
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A school located within the city of Marietta, Georgia, most noteable for its extremely aggravating circumstance of lack of females and its resulting devastation of young men who come there hoping for new opportunity..
1. Welcome to Southern Polytechnic State University - where our women look like horses yet even so you won't be getting any because even they are all taken...

2. SPSU is 99.3225% male
by anonymous dissapointed virgin September 03, 2007
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