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The Atkins diet for dummies.

Dr. Atkins said you should eat nutrient rich carbs instead of nutrient deficient carbs. This appears to be a simple idea, yet apparently figuring out that this means eating spinach instead of potatoes or broccoli instead of corn is akin to rocket science for the unwashed masses. So in comes the South Beach Diet, which is exactly the same except it breaks everything down into "good carbs" and "bad carbs".
Anyone who thinks the South Beach Diet is different than Atkins is an idiot.
by GAW 2 March 08, 2011
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The South Beach Diet is a 3 phase diet created by cardiologist Arthur Agatston from Miami (hence the name of the diet) which stresses the idea of eating "good carbs and good fats" and staying away from "bad carbs and bad fats".

The idea is that you will develop a better insulin resistance which will help you keep your metabolism in shape. It is highly advised in the diet that people stay away from saturated fats and trans fats.

There are certain foods that are permitted and certain foods that are advised against. The diet has therefore come under fire for being too restrictive and not examining more foods to be placed in these 2 categories.

The South Beach Diet is the main competitor of Weight Watchers. The 2 programs have had bitter battles for participants including advertising wars, claims against each other, boasting of their accomplishments and much more. For these reasons some former followers of these diets have resorted to diet pills, some of the most dangerous diet solutions on the market.

Her diet was going well, she was on the South Beach Diet and couldn't stand the foods being practically rationed but she was losing weight.
by Sid Barrett July 03, 2007
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