South Merrick is the Southern part of a town Merrick, which is located on Long Island, New York. The houses are big, and can cost more than 1 million dollars! Many of them are on the water, and have tons of property! The citizens, also known as, “Southies” are stereotypically thots, rich kids, and brats. Many of them own brand name products, such as Supreme, Gucci, etc. Having some of these products will make people want to be friends with you since you are considered rich. To be considered a Southie, you have/had to attend either Birch or Lakeside. Most of the population of South Merrick is Jewish, so bar and bat mitzvahs are very big. Many Southies take their celebration to the top. Some kids have theirs in huge ball rooms, in a banquet hall, even on a yacht! They give out custom sweatshirts and t-shirts! Many Southies are big party people, and can rage all night until morning. So if your looking for a friend who likes to party and is down to stay up all night, take having Southie friends into mind, because take it from me, it will be the best decision you will make!
South Merrick is filled with huge, beautiful mansions on the water!
by therealclaireb June 26, 2019
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the jappy part of merrick with all the jewish rich kids. all the girls wear are sam jackets and david yurman rings while all the boys wear yeezys and bathing ape. the north merrick kids tease them about being rich but they all know their jealous. they also all go to expensive sleep away camps
oh did you see her, she’s wearimg such a south merrick jacket
by longislandjap22 May 14, 2019
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A town that is rich af in the South, and North Merrick is middle class. South Merrick kids are called southies by the north Merrick kids who are called northies. House prices are in the millions, people own yachts, jet skis, and boats. Most southies are Jewish, so you can only imagine what the bar and bat mitzvahs are like. People throw million dollar bar bat mitzvahs on yachts, or at expensive country clubs or beach clubs. The girls are obsessed with brand names, and expensive jewelry and clothes. Gucci, champion, hardtail, firehouse, free city, aviator nation, etc. They own lv, di, Gucci, Tiffany and Co, Cartier, etc.
Northie 1- Hey, look at them, with their Sam jackets and wrists full of Cartier.
Northie 2- yeah, they’re such South Merrick girls.
by DisYaGal September 08, 2019
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