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A gated community located in south Orange County which is often mistaken as a fake and materialistic community based on affliation with the show "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Coto De Caza people are not that materialistic, air headed and selfish as shown by the blonde bimbos on the show. Teenage girls in Coto are not slutty and pathetic dumbasses. They don't get breast implants for thier graduation, because they would be made fun of. And 90% of women in Coto De Caza do NOT have breast implants. It's more believable that 1% do.
Allie from L.A.- "Wow so I saw the Real Housewives last night on T.V.
90% of women have breast implants in Coto De Caza?"
Bridget- "No thats such B.S. That would mean that my little sister would have breast implants."
by Stacey Hunt January 04, 2008
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a city in the oc that is full of rich yuppies. it's average for a high school kid from tesoro to get a BMW or Mercedes before they're even able to drive. it's often referred to land of the milfs because of all the hot moms that are prancing around with their botox face and fake boobs. the whole city is gated, i mean how more stuck up could you get to have an entire gated city. probably the most stuck in people in an already rich stuck up county.
Kyle: where are you from?
Kiki: Coto de Caza.
Kyle: oh land of the MILFS
by kell2324 March 09, 2010
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