A popular Youtuber who make content for the well known PC game, Team Fortress Two. He is most known for his "Stereotypes" series, in which he will go over common assumptions people make when they see someone wearing a certain hat. Soundsmith is also a member a group of TF2 content creators, known as Blapature Co.

He frequently uses his stereotypes series to artificially inflate the price of certain items, arguably making knowledge of his series valuble among traders.
Trader one: Did you see the new soundsmith video?

Trader two: Finally my clubsys are worth something.
by BettaWithChedda September 2, 2018
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Person 1”I saw soundsmith today!”
Person 2” Who?”
Person 1”a ginger idiot from Texas
Person 2”ohh”
by Xelious199 February 1, 2020
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Someone who manipulates sound and its relationship with silence for the purposes of soundscaping, immersive experience and aiding meditation. A soundsmith masters the environment for the listener.
"Anne is such a soundsmith.......... at last night's gong bath the sounds seemed to be coming from everywhere, it was amazing!"
by smith dude November 30, 2015
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