One of the whitest towns ever. There's several emos here and plently of scene kids too. Located near Harleysville and Telford in PA. Souderton recently has opened up a new high school where several students have said "the new high school looks like a jail." (and I couldn't agree more...)
by Lexi_xD November 11, 2009
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a place where incest and polyamorous relationships are encouraged, where dreams are destroyed, and where creepy ass teachers think about humping their students
bob: hey do you go to souderton area high school?
joe: yea i want to kill myself because of it
by whore thot 111 January 14, 2019
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Souderton is the most run down town ever. It’s filled with junkies and some working class white people. Most of Souderton is Mexican or Puerto Rican. The high school is the only thing the town has going for itself.
Hey you tryna link at Souderton Dunkin?
by ophnbahdeiXD September 30, 2018
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