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Sosi is an Armenian name
A Sosi is beautiful, stunning, smart, passionate, charming person. She loves to have fun and dance and will always keep you smiling. Sosi is a stunningly beautiful girl, though she may not know it. Sosi is kind and cares a lot, but she can be a bitch if you get on her bad side. If you find a Sosi, you are very lucky and you should not let her go. Sosi very smart and knows how to play her cards. She is an amazing friend and girlfriend. There is just something special about her.
“There’s no one like you Sosi”
by xxsweetie December 27, 2018
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Much like the term sosig, sosis is a viable alternative to the word sausage.
I like pizza with mushrooms, sosis, onions, and with cheese in the side.
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by poosypurrfessor April 06, 2019
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An Armenian name meaning plane tree or peace tree. Worshiped in pre-biblical times. Sosi is a beautiful, strong and caring person. They are stunning! If you have found a Sosi, consider yourself the luckiest person to ever walk the earth. Keep her. She is beautiful, caring and Strong and an amazing friend.
Sosi , I love you
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by thebookworm79 June 17, 2018
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Satisfaction Of Staying In

That feeling you get when you realise that something you missed out on turned out to be terrible.

Antonym of FOMO
Carol: "After seeing snapchats of that nirvana tribute band, I have serious SOSI"
Jorge: "Yeah I'm glad we stayed in and snorted Ket out of your ass instead."
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by Sadista June 30, 2018
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