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Armenian name meaning plane tree, was worshipped in pre-biblical times
by Anonymous123455678 December 23, 2008
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An Armenian name meaning plane tree or peace tree. Worshiped in pre-biblical times. Sosi is a beautiful, strong and caring person. They are stunning! If you have found a Sosi, consider yourself the luckiest person to ever walk the earth. Keep her. She is beautiful, caring and Strong and an amazing friend.
Sosi , I love you
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by thebookworm79 June 17, 2018
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Satisfaction Of Staying In

That feeling you get when you realise that something you missed out on turned out to be terrible.

Antonym of FOMO
Carol: "After seeing snapchats of that nirvana tribute band, I have serious SOSI"
Jorge: "Yeah I'm glad we stayed in and snorted Ket out of your ass instead."
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by Sadista June 30, 2018
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