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A female member of a sorority on your respective college/university campus. Can come in all shapes and sizes.

Usually travels in packs with other Sorororaptors, commonly seen with sweatshirts or hoodies bearing large greek letters to signify their pack of choice. They traditionally have a distinctive claw on the second finger of their hands, commonly used to cut and disembowel their prey, or target other organs of the throat such as the jugular vein or carotid artery.

They are known for their keen sense of smell and ability to hunt and communicate in packs. Can be commonly seen haphazardly and rudely pushing their way through groups at parties, or talking about their friends behind their backs. See sorority girl

Identifying markings include: headbands, boat shoes, ugg boots, croakies, northface jackets, designer bags, spray and/or tanning bed tans, or unwitting members of the male sex.
I looked outside the window of Harper and what do I see at the bus stop? A pack of 60 Sorororaptors! Good thing they can't climb walls.
by DoppelgangerJSS April 25, 2011
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