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Term used to describe an over-educated female who takes herself altogether too seriously. Typically attributable to East coast English majors and chicks who quote poetry and compare others to obscure historical figures in conversation.

Often spotted sober in wine bars, shopping for pant suits, and reveling in their college days when they were surrounded by other "intellectuals".
"Ever since Wendy got her PhD, she's been a real sophisticunt."
"That sophisticunt at the end of the bar just called me a French name after trying to buy her a drink."
"Damn, that sophisticunt really takes shopping for pant suits seriously."
by CelibratedBrain October 21, 2009
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(Noun/Adj.) a person who belittles others using their cosmopolitanism, wealth and class status.
I realized she was a sophisticunt after the 80th time she started a sentence with “Us Harvard girls”.
by securityinfinity July 27, 2019
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