A pig. Said in Hindi, Urdu, and other Sanskrit Languages
Look at the soor rolling around in the mud.

Soor ki Tohn (Neck of a Pig)
by KusraNo1 April 1, 2018
when your friend noor loves a guy named saad.

but also she annoying af, but they belong together
soor is cute together
A soor ploom is a rare occurrence. When somebody experiences a soor ploom, they are feeling severe pain, this pain is also know as ring sting. Extreme gas (farting) also accompanies the sting. Soor plooms usually occur after one eats food that is extremely spicy, unfortunately a beverage does not settle this problem.
Ford ate a poutine, he did not get a soor ploom. Lily, on the other hand, ate gumbo......Wow! She is gonna feel the pain tomorrow!
by HankyDankyDoo August 24, 2009
A fucked up annoying motherfucker who likes girls but girls don't like him
Take out the Soore
by 6ix 9ine 4730 November 19, 2019
someone who is just better than the rest similar to Jefferson females may take time to like soore
soore is a hard dude
by X360 March 24, 2019