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Christian Weston Chandler. A 20something web celeb who is a high-functioning autistic male who is looking for a boy-friend free girl who is sweet, loving, and doesn't smoke. CWC is noted for wearing a horizontal striped t-shirt in bright colors (despite his chubby girth) and his medallion resembling a yellow sonic-like creature. His hobbies are sonic/Pokemon hybrids.
I'm a virgin who will never get laid-I'm doomed to the life of sonichu.

by Lena-Scarlette Katrina August 21, 2008
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Autistic Weeaboo comic love child, Often thought to be 100 times gayer than sonic + tails put together.
If i was a 20 something autistic basement virgin i would make a comic staring Sonichu.
by 4lulzz August 17, 2008
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Where you're having sex with a girl, and you hook up electrodes to each labia majora and stimulate her with a small electric current while making "pashew! pashew!" noises.
I took out my entire block's power after giving my girlfriend a sonichu last night. Dayum.
by christian weston chandler February 16, 2009
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