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An excited utterance or exclamation muttered by US tourists when traveling overseas during the term of the 43rd US president - George W Bush (2001–2009).

President Bush's aggressive policies drew the ire of many people worldwide. So much so, that being a US citizen traveling abroad invoked a certain scorn from the locals, which prompted this defensive mantra.
Hey!! I don't like my president either. Please understand that I didn't vote for that Son of a Bush!!!
by Jan-chan December 30, 2009
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The last "little mistake" the White House made, back in 2004.

Person 1: Did you hear that Dubya was reelected?
Person 2: Damn son of a Bush.
Person 1: True, but where brains are concerned, the family resemblance is somewhat weak...
by Soda1234 March 01, 2009
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