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NOT the rabid-foaming-at-the-mouth crazy-out-to-kill-you image that movies seem bent on popularizing...

A real state of being where a person's perception of reality is severely interrupted. Often triggered by sad or painful things happening to said person, which induces a break from reality, and as more people turn their backs on what is seen as irrational, delusional behavior, the pain deepens. The psychosis gets stronger and harder to bear. Can result in suicide.

Those with psychosis are good, decent people bearing a lot of pain inside, and they could use and appreciate all the support, love, and compassion they can get. Even one stable, healthy relationship in their lives can potentially help them regain and maintain their strength, and they deserve it.
Lily believed that her boyfriend sleeping with another girl was caused because she didn't spin the doorknob correctly on the way out today, and she was thinking of him when she was opening the door. She tried to commit suicide afterward because she thought it would make everything better, especially if the attempt failed... I'm scared for her. I think she suffers from psychosis.
by Soda1234 February 28, 2009
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The last "little mistake" the White House made, back in 2004.

Person 1: Did you hear that Dubya was reelected?
Person 2: Damn son of a Bush.
Person 1: True, but where brains are concerned, the family resemblance is somewhat weak...
by Soda1234 March 01, 2009
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A woman (or occasionally man) who started out looking for love, gave up on love after being used too often and now lets people sleep with her/him for money and or other "favors", sometimes gains feelings of empowerment from this (though usually not - there's always some hotter b**** trying to hate on or disrespect), and can still manage to hold up his/her head because they've seen how low humanity can sink. After all, it takes two to tangle, and a prostitute's seen more than two...

The sort of woman some men appreciate, but for less than a night.
"Man, with the way Lorna hangs around, you'd think she were your prostitute."
"I keep her low. Outside the bedroom, I don't even give her the time of day."
by Soda1234 February 08, 2009
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1) A plant that houses and protects small animals.
2) One of the most beautiful parts of a woman's body.
3) Two former U.S. Presidents, one of whom kept company with people named Quayle, the other of whom is the son of the first and keeps company with people named Dick.

Isn't it a shame that the first two definitions, which are wonderful things, must share with the latter one? We should start calling the Presidents 'Bursh' instead, to dissociate.
1) The quail hid in the bushes to escape from the fox.
2) He sensually drifted his fingers through her bush before caressing her clitoris.
3) In recent news, Shrub- I mean, Bush Jr. is no longer our President. Now perhaps we can pull out of Iraq.
by Soda1234 March 01, 2009
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