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The characteristics of a person to have slept his/her life away, where sleep would be the central theme of the person's life and everything else would be planned around it or simply ignored. All major life events would have been missed due to sleep. He/she would be socially unavailable for months as sleep would blanket everything else.
1) Most people think he has left the city, he has been somuing for the last 3 months.

2) She did not attend my wedding, she somued away those 2 days even after travelling to the city.
3) To somu or not to somu, was an obvious choice for him.
4) "How did you miss that event?" , "I was somuing" , "Not again! But, I understand,."
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by A007 June 24, 2017
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a total dipshit who eats penis for money to feed his cs addiction
somus eats cock
by nubitron August 12, 2003
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