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A variant of son of a bitch, used mostly by white male Southern Americans over the age of fourty, in the process of getting killed during a War event on the popular Korean game Ragnarok Online.
Sombitch is usually is pronounced in an ear splitting pitch that can be heard across the trailer park.
by apple April 25, 2005
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The redneck dialect of the common phrase "son of a bitch". It can be used positively or negatively as it is in its normal dialect.
Positive connotation: "Did ya hear Billy Bob got laid by Sally last night. Whooeee! That be one lucky sombitch!"
Negative connotation: "Billy Bob you sombitch, you just slept with your own sister!"
by Darlord January 06, 2009
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The comma of Redneck English in America.
Replace (,) with the word Sombitch
Dale:"Hey you(,)go get me a beer."
Rusty:"Hey screw you (,) go get your own beer.
by Andrew Dundas November 05, 2005
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Derogatory term either written "Sombitch" or "Sumbitch".
First penned and used by legendary actor Jackie Gleason while playing Sheriff Buford T Justice in the "Smokey and Bandit" movies.
Insult used to belittle people who have impeded the sherriffs high speed pursuit of the bandit.
"You see that, they went right through our roadblock."
"You sombitches couldn't close an umbrella."
by The Foul-mouthed Cypriot June 25, 2017
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