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Shitty bootleg game - poor combination of Mario and Sonic. Mario wears Sonic shoes and replaces Sonic as the game character.
Pirated shit that is made in China, never made for quality; one of the main issues of China as the country's economic growth. Another proof that China has no originality, and just churns out pieces of shits.
Somari is just Mario with the name SOnic + MARIo. The control sucks shit. I had collected over 50 rings several times and I'm still dying! The creator of this game should be crucified, or get killed by 300 SPARTANS!
by HateMainstreamMusic July 10, 2008
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A man with a larg dick around 12 to 13 inches long he will get the job done he’s wonderful in bed the best you can have
Hey is that somari yeah that him isnt he the quarterback on the team
by Idz23 October 18, 2017
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A Somari is literally THE best person you will ever meet in your life. She is a great friend and lover. You better keep her once you find her because she is a rare species. She is quirky, weird, crazy, eats a lot but has a good figure. The is that one person that is everything you look for in a person. She is one bad ass bitch who doesn't take shit from people. She is talented, beautiful and sweet all in one. Somari= Greatness
Look, There is a Somari, you better not let her get away!
by Alltahat June 05, 2017
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